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Disposable Static Mixers

photograph of static bell mixers, Type A

With conventional meter/mix manifolds, the reactive materials meet within the manifold before the mixer. If the materials are allowed to gel, the manifold will plug and must be disassembled. This can be a time-consuming and expensive task.

Our manifolds, in conjunction with the Type A mixers, eliminates this problem. The mixing nozzle has a bell inlet. Manifolds and valves separately port the A and B materials directly into the mixer. Cleanup simply involves removing the mixer and wiping the manifold face clean. A metal jacket is recommended if the working pressure inside the nozzle exceeds 150 psi (10 bar).

Some competitor mixing nozzles have a smaller inlet bell. We offer plastic sleeves which press-fit into the standard Type A bell to convert our mixers to their size.

Disposable Spiral mixer series

  • Type A standard spiral bell mixer
  • Type B largest, high flow spiral bell mixer
  • Type C spiral bell mixer, integral nut, barbed extension
  • Type D standard bayonnet connection for cartridges

Disposable Square mixer series

  • Type E square mixer with bell or integral nut connection
  • Type F square mixer, short barb, extension
  • Type G high flow square mixer
  • Type H square mixer for 50mL cartridges

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