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Welcome to Static Mixer.co.uk

part of Adhesive Metering (Rockingham) Systems Ltd.

Rockingham offer disposable static mixers: disposable spiral mixers, disposable square mixers, disposable plastic inline motionless mixers as well as stainless steel inline mixers, as well as tube mixers; all suitable for mixing 2 part /two component resins and adhesives. We also offer twin cartridges, cartridge systems and side-by-side cartridges for 2 part glues.


Rockingham are experts in adhesive & resin metering, mixing and dispensing equipment; our main website can be found on the links page.

Disposable Static Spiral Mixer

photograph of disposable static spiral mixers, series 160

Disposable plastic static spiral mixers, available in our standard range as well as special types such as oversized high flow static mixer versions, spiral mixers with barbed extensions and integral nut connections or a range of small static mixers with bayonet connections.

Inline static spiral mixers

photograph of in-line (inline) spiral static mixers

Disposable plastic static mixer elements and stainless steel inline static mixers, disposable plastic inline static mixers available with plain open housing ends or threaded brass housings. High pressure stainless steel inline mixers available with removable plastic spiral elements or removable stainless steel spiral elements or nicrobrazed edgesealed stainless steel non-removable spiral elements.

Disposable static square mixers

photograph static square mixers, series turbo

Disposable square static mixers; the Turbo is an advanced disposable square static mixer. This product ensures superior mixing performance and allows the operator to be closer to the work piece and reducing the retained waste. The square geometry consists of a series of alternating left and right hand elements with intermittent flow inverters. The flow inverters effectively channel the fluids from the walls into the center of the mixer.

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